This year’s BIPOSA takes place

on Wednesday 02nd – Friday 04th October, 2024

at the Hilton Hotel Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne


Gan canny hinny, we look forward to seeing you there!

BIPOSA’s charitable support

BIPOSA exists to advance education in the subject of eye conditions and diseases in children and in people with ocular motility problems for the public benefit. To encourage research and advance education the charity makes a variety of awards throughout the year to enable orthoptists, trainee doctors and early career researchers to undertake research and disseminate their results to a wider public

Presentation prizes

To enourage early career researchers, orthoptists, trainee doctors and medical students to undertake research into paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, BIPOSA is offering four free paper presentation awards of £500 each.

Abstracts accepted as a free paper (not rapid fire) will be considered for one of the presentation prizes on offer – there are two categories of prize: two for medics in training and two for early career orthoptists (5 years or less qualified) or early career non-medic researchers.

Please provide your qualifying details on the abstract submission form

Poster prize

The prize is for the best paper poster displayed at the BIPOSA annual meeting. The prize is for £500 open to any applicant that submits within the BIPOSA rules

All poster authors must be registered by 16th August 2024 to be included in the listing and programme and to be eligible for a prize

Tips and guidance for producing your paper poster

Squint Forum prize

The Royal Society of Medicine’s Squint Forum has kindly donated a prize to BIPOSA delegates

The prize is for the best strabismus free or strabismus rapid fire paper presented at the BIPOSA annual meeting. The prize is for £250 plus the opportunity to present the paper at the annual Squint Forum meeting at the Royal Society of Medicine

Abstract submission

Use the links below for abstract submission information, our rules and general information about the meeting

Free paper and rapid fire presentations

Producing a good free paper presentation
Please check out our rules and guidelines for presenting a free paper

Producing a good rapid fire presentation
Please check out our rules and rapid fire guidelines for presenting a rapid fire free paper


This year posters are all paper posters. These must be A1 in portrait format only

You must have a ticket for the meeting to show your poster and for it to be listed online. All poster authors must be registered by 16th August 2024 to be included in the listing and programme

Please check out our guidelines and tips for producing a good poster

Additional Prizes, bursaries and support

BIPOSA is pleased to announce that once again it will be supporting early career researchers, medics in training and orthoptists

Supporting newly qualified / student orthoptists

BIPOSA supports student orthoptists and awards prizes to the top student nominated by their course tutor. This applies to the University of Sheffield, University of Liverpool, University of Glasgow and University of London

BIPOSA provides each prizewinning student with a free ticket to attend the meeting on Thursday & Friday PLUS an honorarium of £200 to go towards their travel / accommodation

Other support

To support orthoptists with the cost of producing a paper poster, BIPOSA will give a grant of up to £50. This is to reimburse the cost of private printing a poster on production of a receipt. BIPOSA will not cover hopsital / university medical illustration or departmental printing costs (only private printing costs). Please email your receipt and bank details to claim AFTER the meeting

Research Training Grants

One of BIPOSA’s overarching ambition is to build research capability within the clinical workforce related to paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus in the UK. We have grants of up to £500 available to spend on research training courses. For more information please visit our award page

Meeting FAQ

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Info on Prizes

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