Poster Guidelines

Submission and display

Please bring your poster with you ready to put up on Wednesday morning. Please bring your own hanging materials (i.e. Velcro) as these will not be provided

Poster size

Max A1 portrait

see below pictures for correct sizing and orientation

Format – A1

Layout – portrait

Tips for producing a good poster

fontBe consistent with your design choice; all title text should be uniform, and all body text should be uniform. Use conventional fonts such as Times, Arial, Calibri, Tahoma or Verdana.

font Size can be used to denote headings, body text, and important information. The larger your poster is the larger your font will be. As for legibility, the following sizes are a good starting point: to be legible from 6 feet use 30pt

images should be scanned in at the highest possible resolution for optimal printing

colour – pick a background image or color that is easy to read off. Consider using a solid, light color background with dark text, or a dark background with light text

End of Meeting

Please take your poster down and home with you as these will not be collected by BIPOSA and they will be destroyed by the venue

Bursary for orthoptists

BIPOSA is willing to support the production of physical posters for orthoptists who have no sources of funding or access to their hospital’s printing / medical illustration department. BIPOSA will provide grants of up to £50 which will be reimbursed after the meeting subject to the following:

    1. the orthoptist is the first named author
    2. the orthoptist registered for and attended at least one day of the meeting
    3. the orthoptist personally paid for the printing costs of the poster and provides the receipt to BIPOSA
    4. the orthoptist is reimbursed directly to their bank account


You must have a ticket (be registered and paid the appropriate fee) to display your poster at the meeting

Once the abstract has been submitted we cannot accept changes to the authors (either order or listing)

BIPOSA’s decision regarding display and the prize for the best poster is final