Free Paper Guidelines

Submission Deadline

We require your PowerPoint presentation at the very latest by noon on Monday 18th September 2023

Submission details

Transfer your PowerPoint presentation file using the free file transfer service by email to our executive secretary (check your emails for the link)

Format – only acceptable format

    1. ONLY acceptable format PowerPoint
    2. Not Keynote
    3. 16:9 format ratio = widescreen (not 4:3)
    4. Recommended no. slides = 14
    5. Maximum no. slides = 20

PowerPoint Slide Master Format

    1. Orientation = landscape
    2. Use 16:9 ratio (widescreen) NOT 4:3
    3. You may include video and / or audio

Naming your file

Use the following format only to name your file:

Day of presentation + + time + presenting author surname

Your filename must look like this: thurs9.45Smith

Technical information

    1. You will have 7 minutes to present + 2 minutes for discussion
    2. We recommend that you have no more than 14 slides
    3. Maximum permitted number of slides – 20
    4. Images: highest resolution possible
    5. Videos: – maximum length of 90 seconds
    6. Transitions: – do not rely on transitions to circumvent slide count
    7. Best practice:
      1. a slide should be read and understood in 30 seconds or less
      2. Slides should NOT contain your entire presentation
    8. Speaker notes: do NOT include (you won’t be able to see them)

AV facilities available at the meeting

    1. slide advance controller with laser pointer
    2. fixed microphone on the lectern
    3. comfort monitor which shows your slides (repeated on the main screen)
    4. countdown monitor, which shows the time you have for your presentation
    5. do not include speaker notes as you will not be able to view these – print out a copy if needed

    Changes or updates

    Once you have submitted your PowerPoint by the deadline, we cannot implement changes or replacement files.

    There will be a speaker preview room facility at the meeting, and depending on time available the technician may be able to assist you with minor changes to your presentation.

    Please enusre you submit your final presentation by the deadline.

    Failure to adhere to the rules will result in your presentation being rejected and not shown at the meeting


    You must have a ticket (be registered and paid the appropriate fee) to present your work at the meeting

    Once your powerpoint has been submitted we cannot accept changes to the authors

    Tips for producing good presentations

      1. Titles should be in standard sans serif font such as Verdana or Calibri or Tahoma 40 pt
      2. Subheadings should be in Verdana or Tahoma or Calibri 32 pt
      3. Body text should be Verdana or Calibri or Tahoma 24 pt
      4. Slide background dark blue or black (avoid fancy patterns or effects)
      5. Avoid white slide background as this can cause glare
      6. Use contrasting colours (yellow or orange or white text on blue or black background)
      7. Have no more than six bullets on a slide
      8. Try to avoid wrapping the text – keep bullets as concise as possible
      9. Six – eight words per bullet point is optimum
      10. Use layout continuity and consistency
      11. Margins, fonts, colours should be consistent throughout
      12. Avoid use of underline or italics as words become unreadable
      13. Avoid capitalization throughout as it becomes very difficult to read
      14. Use high resolution images


    Financial interest

    Please declare any interest (financial or otherwise) of any product that appears in your presentation.


    You will see the countdown monitor so you are aware of time left for your talk. It is unfair to subsequent speakers and the audience if you overrun your allotted time.


    Please ensure that you have obtained patient consent to share their data and images with the meeting.