David Laws Travel Fellowship

Travel Fellowship Award

The purpose of the David Laws BIPOSA Travel Fellowship is to enable early career orthoptists and ophthalmologists, based in the UK or Ireland, to undertake further training in Paediatric Ophthalmology and/or Strabismus. The award will assist the “David Laws BIPOSA Fellow”, for the subsequent benefit of Paediatric Ophthalmology or Orthoptics in the UK or Ireland, to study, research or acquire special skills, knowledge or experience at a suitable location in the UK or abroad.

To honour David’s memory and his tremendous enthusiasm for training and positive impact on ophthalmology trainees, BIPOSA has named its Travel Fellowship Award after him.


BIPOSA aims to promote research into causes and management of childhood eye diseases and eye movement disorders and strabismus in children and adults. A robust evidence base is required to develop and optimise services for children, families and adult patients. We wish to encourage ophthalmologists and orthoptists from the United Kingdom and Ireland to pursue careers in paediatric ophthalmology and / or strabismus and to provide funding to enable them to take a fellowship in a learned institution to acquire special skills, knowledge or experience


Application from BIPOSA members and will be judged by the following criteria:
a) Relevance to childhood eye disease, or strabismus in children or adults
b) Applicants must be either early career orthoptists or paediatric ophthalmology trainees in good standing
c) The fellowship must be due to start on or before February 2025
d) Applicants must have confirmation of acceptance from their proposed training institution
e) A fellow must, within three months of the end of the Fellowship, submit a written report to the Trustees (using the report template provided)
f) A fellow must, if engaged in research, submit a paper and present the results at a BIPOSA annual meeting (at their own expense)

Submit an application

Please download the application form and return the completed form by email together with:

a) your covering application letter
b) your cv
c) an outline of the training to be received and the subsequent benefit to the practice of Paediatric Ophthalmology and/or Strabismus in the UK and Ireland (no more than three A4 typed pages)
d) a copy of the host institution’s invitation letter or confirmation of your appointment

Failure to enclose all required documents and complete all parts of the application form will automatically invalidate your application

The deadline for submission of applications is 28th February 2024