Wednesday 4th October 2023


08.00 Registration with refreshments at the posters and trade exhibition

08.50 Welcome and housekeeping

Guy Whittle Auditorium
Mr Saurabh Jain, Royal Free Hospital

09.00 Session 1

Paediatric retina symposium (P)
Moderators: Mr Rob Henderson, London and Prof Michel Michaelides, London

09.05   Inherited Retinal Disorders (IRDs): from genetic diagnosis to current treatment experience: Mr Rob Henderson, London

09.15   IRD trials – where we are and what’s on the horizon: Prof Michel Michaelides, London

09.25   Retinovascular diseases: From Coats to ROP and everything in between: Mr Chien Wong, London

09.35   Utility of widefield imaging in paediatric retina: Mr CK Patel, Oxford

09.45   Discussion

10.00 Session 2

Free papers (P)
Miss Stephanie West, Southampton & Ms Elizabeth O’Flynn, London

10.01 Retreatment for reactivation of ROP following initial anti-VEGF injections. A 5-year retrospective study – E Kollia (CF), H Razzouk (SAS), S Biswas (C), J Ashworth (P), Manchester Royal Eye Hospital
10.10 Clinical impact of optic nerve defect referrals to paediatric ophthalmology department and evaluation of suitability for virtual service – N Gibbings (O), S Jain (C), R Jolly (C), Royal Free Hospital
10.19 The role of oFFA in characterising optic nerve pathologies in paediatric populations – B Muthusamy (C), R T Brady (T), H Kaza (T), N Jain (T), Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
10.28 Pathways to detection of non-infectious childhood uveitis in the UK: Findings from the UNICORN cohort study – S Kellett (RA), H Petrushkin (C), J Ashworth (P), A Connor (C), E McLoone (C), C Schmoll (C), S Sharma (C), E Agorogiannis (C), J Williams (C), J Choi (C), A Injarie (C), N Puvanachandra (C), P Watts (C), A Shafi (C), E Millar (C), V Long (C), A Kumar (C), E Hughes (C), A Ritchie (C), J Gonzalez-Martin (C), A Pradeep (C), S Anwar (C), K Warrior (C), B Muthusamy (C), R Pilling (C), J Benzimra (C), A Reddy (C), K Bush (C), D Pharoah (C), K Falzon (C), U O’Colmain (C), R Knowles (C), V Tadic (C), A Dick (C), J Rahi (C), AL Solebo (C), University College London, Institute of Child Health
10.37 Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography Detects Cells in Children without Eye Disease – A Bellchambers (T), S Kellett (RA), A Fraser (T), A Patel (Op), A D Dick (P), J S Rahi (P), A L Solebo (C), University College London
10.46 Flying baby anterior segment OCT in the diagnosis of Anterior Segment Dysgenesis – H Jasim (CF), O El-Haddad (C), S Amarakoon (C), Bristol Eye Hospital
10.54 Peripapillary Hyperreflective Ovoid Mass-like Structures (PHOMS) in Children: Optical Coherence Tomography Measurements and Refractive Status – L Pratt (T), S Rehan (T), J West (T), P Watts (C), University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff
11.03 Analysis of ganglion cell thinning in paediatric papilloedema- at what point does visual function become affected? – A Malem (C), A Reginald (C), M Wan (C), The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKid) Toronto
11.12 Moderators’ round-up

11.15 Refreshments at the posters and trade exhibition

Atrium, Max Rayne Foyer, Cavendish Rooms, ENT Room

11.45 Session 3

Claud Worth Lecture

Binocular Summation and the Functional Burden of Pediatric Eye Disease

Dr Stacy Pineles, UCLA

12.45 Lunch at the posters and trade exhibition

Atrium, Max Rayne Foyer, Cavendish rooms and ENT room

14.00 Session 4

Nystagmus symposium (P) (S)
Mr Jay Self, Southampton & Miss Maria Theodorou, London

14.05   Surgical management pearls – Mr Bob Taylor, York

14.15   Non-surgical management pearls – Miss Gemma Arblaster, Sheffield

14.25   Red flags in childhood nystagmus – Mr Richard Bowman, London

14.35   Learning from beyond the clinic – Could we do better? Ms Sue Ricketts, Nystagmus Network

14.45   Introduction to NUKE – Mr Mervyn Thomas, Leicester and Miss Helena Lee, Southampton

15.00   Discussion

15.15 Session 5

Rapid fire presentations (P)
Mr Alan Mulvihill, Abu Dhabi & Miss Bhavini Gohil, London

15.17 Tear proteins in premature babies at risk of retinopathy of prematurity -C Shipton (T), J Aitken, S Atkinson, R Burchmore, R Hamilton (o), H Mactier (C), S McGill (O), E Millar (C), A C Houtman (C), Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Glasgow
15.22 Leukemic infiltration of Optic nerves Leeds experience – A Kumar (C), K Jan (T), Leeds teaching Hospitals Trust
15.27 Restricted diet causing irreversible visual impairment in children with autistic spectrum disorder: case series and review – F Ghazala (T), R Hamilton (o), D Mansfield (C), E Millar (C), Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Glasgow
15.32 When the optometrist suspects papilloedema in an asymptomatic child on a routine visit, there can be no papilloedema…- or can there? – AC Houtman (C), C Ambrose (SAS), K Graham (o), R Hamilton (o), The Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow
15.37 Scoping review of Homonymous Hemianopia in Childhood – S E Handley (CRF), D A Thompson (C), A Liasis (C), R J Bowman (C), J S Rahi (P), Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London
15.42 Optic Disc Swelling in children – a case series – S Parvizi (C), Surrey and Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust
15.47 Unexpected retinopathy in a patient presenting with bilateral optic disc swelling – G Kiray (CF), V Panteli (C), N Enright (C), S Handley (o), O Marmoy (o), D A Thompson (C), R Henderson (C), Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London
15.52 x-linked retinoschisis: implications of visual impairment in childhood – S Balakrishnan (T), S Jain (C), Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
15.57 Trochlea, Trochlea, Trochlea – K Reed (T), A Natha (O), L Brocklesby (O), R Dahir (O), A Khaier (C), M Posner (C), Queen’s Hospital, Romford
16.02 MOG associated encephalitis presenting as Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension – V Panteli (C), A Alwis (C), N Desai (C), O Marmoy (o), D A Thompson (C), P Prabhakar (C), Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London
16.07 Rapidly progressive chorioretinal atrophy following CAR-T cell treatment for Leukaemia – E De Smit (CF), S Burridge (N), S Ghorashian (C), R Bowman (C), H Petrushkin (C), R Henderson (C), Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London
16.12 moderator’s remarks

16.15 Refreshments at the posters and trade exhibition

Atrium, Max Rayne Foyer, Cavendish rooms and ENT room

16.45 Session 6

Paediatric cataract symposium (P)
Miss Lucy Barker, London & Prof Jane Ashworth, Manchester

16.50   Ectopia Lentis – Miss Katie Williams, London

17.00   Setting up a children’s cataract service – dos and don’ts! – Miss Lucy Barker, London

17.10   Congenital cataract – Is it phenotypically diverse or are there phenotype-genotype correlations? – Prof Jane Ashworth, Manchester

17.20   Use of the “Bag in the Lens” IOL – lessons from Gothenburg – Prof Alf Nystrom, Sweden

17.35   Discussion

17.45   Paediatric Ophthalmology workforce action plan: update from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists – Mr Sus Biswas, Manchester

18.00 Closing remarks

Mr Saurabh Jain, Royal Free Hospital

18.05 Group photo

Guy Whittle Auditorium

18.15 Welcome reception

The Atrium

19.30 Close and evening free

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