Submission deadline

We require your PowerPoint presentation at the very latest by noon on Monday 23rd September 2024

Submission details

Transfer your PowerPoint presentation file using the free file transfer service to the executive secretary


    1. PowerPoint
    2. Not Keynote
    3. 16:9 format ratio = widescreen (not 4:3)
    4. Recommended no. slides = 16
    5. Maximum no. slides = 20

Powerpoint slide master format

    1. Orientation = landscape
    2. Use 16:9 ratio (widescreen) NOT 4:3
    3. You may include video and / or audio

Naming your file

Use the following format only to name your file:

Day of presentation + presenting author surname

Your filename must look like this: thursSmith or friSmith

Technical information

    1. We recommend that you have no more than 16 slides
    2. Maximum permitted number of slides – 20
    3. Images: highest resolution possible
    4. Video: maximum length of 90 seconds
    5. Animations and transitions: if required limit to two per slide on a maximum of 5 slides
    6. Dynamic content (animations & transitions) can be very distracting and timeconsuming; excessive use will not be tolerated
    7. Best practice: a slide should be read and understood in 30 seconds or less
    8. Slides should NOT contain your entire presentation
    9. Speaker notes: do NOT include (you will not be able to see them)
    10. Consent: Ensure you have received patient consent to use images, test results or patient identifiable data
    11. Declaration: you declare at the start of your presentation any financial interest or otherwise

Audio-visual facilities available at the meeting

    1. slide advance controller with pointer
    2. fixed microphone on the lectern
    3. comfort monitor, so you can see your slides
    4. countdown monitor, which shows the time you have for your presentation
    5. do not include speaker notes as you will not be able to see these

Changes or updates to your presentation

Once you have submitted your PowerPoint by the deadline, we will not implement changes or replacements

The presentation you submit must be the same title and content as submitted on your astract submission form. We do not accept changes to the title, content or authors

There will be a speaker preview room facility at the meeting, and depending on time available the technician may be able to assist you with minor changes to your presentation; however we cannot guarantee this so ensure the presentation you send in by the deadline is the final version

Free paper prizes

There are four free paper prizes of £500 each awarded to the best free papers presented at the meeting by orthoptists, medics and early career researchers. To be considered for a prize you should be registered to attend the meeting by the advertised deadlines and have submitted your audiovisual material by the deadline. BIPOSA reserves the right to not award prizes


Please note that if you decline to present the abstract (after initially accepting an offer), if you withdraw, do not register or submit your audiovisual materials or fail to attend and present at BIPOSA you will be blacklisted for future BIPOSA meetings

British Medical Journal Ophthalmology Online

BMJ Open Ophthalmology (BMJ OO) is an open access journal that covers all aspects of ophthalmology and vision science:

BIPOSA is working as an affiliate organisation with BMJ OO for this year’s annual meeting. If your abstract is accepted as a free paper we will send you information on the option of getting your abstract published in the BMJOO