Thursday 5th October 2023


07.15 BIPOSA run

08.30 Registration with refreshments at the posters and exhibition

09.20 Welcome and housekeeping

Guy Whittle Auditorium
Miss Joanne Hancox, Moorfields Eye Hospital

09.30 Session 1

Paediatric neuro-ophthalmology symposium (P) (S)
Mr Michael Gilhooley, London & Miss Naz Raoof, London

09.35   Disc OCT in children: a practical approach – Mr Sohaib Rufai, London

09.45   Pseudopapilloedema in children – Miss Brinda Muthusamy, Cambridge

09.55   Inherited optic neuropathies in children: what do I do?” – Mr Michael Gilhooley, London

10.05   Clinical Management of optic neuritis in children – Dr Stacy Pineles, UCLA

10.20   Discussion

10.30 Refreshments at the posters and trade exhibition

Atrium, Max Rayne Foyer, Cavendish rooms and ENT room

11.00 Session 2

Roger Trimble lecture

The Superior Oblique Complex: A triumph of evolutionary adaptation or just lots of trouble
Mr Anthony Vivian, Cambridge

12.00 Session 3

Free paper presentations (P) (S)
Miss Una O’Colmain, Dundee & Miss Clare Roberts, London

12.02 Medial Rectus Re-advancement: More bang for your buck? – K Naderi (T), N Quah (T), M Adamowicz (MS), S.Jain (C), Royal Free Hospital
12.11 Prism Adaptation Testing in Children to improve Surgical Outcomes in Esotropia Surgery – T Liu (T), J Smedley (O), A Maudgil (C), Sheffield Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
12.20 Convergence Insufficiency: Are we making a difference in patients’ lives or is it a Waste of Time! – J L Z Jong (MS), Z Saleem (O), J Simmons (O), M Rhodes (O), J L Choi (C), Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Trust
12.29 The Incidence, Clinical features, and Management of Essential Infantile Esotropia in the United Kingdom. A British Ophthalmology Surveillance Unit (BOSU) study – Final Report – P Watts (C), D Yeo (C), R Davis (C), W J Watkins (o), University Hospital of Wales
12.38 The Global Retinoblastoma Outcome Study: Retinoblastoma Outcomes in Europe: a prospective, cluster-based analysis of 483 patients from 35 countries – R Bowman (C), D MacLeod (P), D Fabian (C) on behalf of global Rb study group, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London
12.47 Moderators’ round-up

12.50 Lunch  at the posters and trade exhibition

Atrium, Max Rayne Foyer, Cavendish rooms and ENT room

13.50 Session 4

Digital trends in paediatric opthalmology (P)
Mr Peter Thomas, London & Mr Siegfried Wagner, London

13.55   Bringing objectivity and automation into a messy world: AS-OCT in childhood uveitis: Miss Lola Solebo, London

14.05   ASOCT imaging of extraocular muscles in simple to complex strabismus case scenarios – Dr Amar Pujari, Delhi

14.20   Dawn of the TeleOrthoptist – Mr Iain Livingstone, Scotland

14.30   Amblyopia – mechanistic insights through big data and retinal imaging – Mr Siegfried Wagner, London

14.40   Why do we have more pilots than British Airways? The challenge of scaling digital care- Mr Peter Thomas, London

14.50 Session 5

Interesting videos (P) (S)
Mr Joe Abbott, Birmingham & Miss Sally Painter, Birmingham

14.50  Strabismus, lies and videotape – Mr John Somner, Cambridge

14.58   When the wobble stops – Miss Sarah Maling, Stoke Mandeville

15.06  Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, when one membrane is not enough – Miss Sarah Chamney, Dublin

15.14  Extraocular muscle biopsy: description of a surgical technique to reduce the risk of post operative strabismus – Mr Jerald William, Coventry

14.22  Gone in 60 seconds: a rapid ROP screening technique to minimise neonatal stress with widefield contact retinal cameras – Mr Damien Yeo, Liverpool

15.30 Refreshments at the posters and trade exhibition

Atrium, Max Rayne Foyer, Cavendish rooms and ENT room

16.00 Session 6

Rapid fire presentations (P) (S)
Prof Fiona Rowe, Liverpool & Miss Naomi Tan, London

16.02 Squint hook down: A tale of homeopathic strabismus surgery – E Cabourne (C), Kingston Hospital
16.07 Surgical treatment of Heavy Eye Syndrome by Modified Loop Myopexy – A Agrawal (SAS), VSY Geh (C), Southend University Hospital
16.12 Retinopathy in patients with mucopolysaccharidosis – M Noor (CRF), O McGrath (CRF), N Parry (P), T Aslam (P), J Ashworth (P), Manchester Royal Eye Hospital
16.17 Reception age vision screening in Gloucestershire during the Covid Pandemic – R Hunn (O), Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust
16.22 Foveal hypoplasia in CRB1 associated retinal dystrophies – AC Rodriguez (F), B Higgins (o), V Tailor (T), S Malka (o), AM Collins (N), R Henderson (C), M Moosajee (P), Moorfields Eye Hospital
16.27 Horner Syndrome: Can it be Familial? Case series in a family and review of literature – S Goyal (FD), S Verma (SAS), R Ranjan (C), R Goyal (C), Royal Glamorgan Hospital
16.32 Impaired vision in children prenatally exposed to methadone: an observational cohort study – R Hamilton (o), A Mulvihill (C), L Butler (T), A Chow (RF), E Irving (P), D L McCulloch (P), A. McNeil (O), K. Michael (C), K M Spowart (C), J Waterson-Wilson (O), H Mactier (C), Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow
16.37 Development of a Questionnaire to study Fear and Anxiety Factors affecting Patients and their Families undergoing Strabismus Surgery – G Hogg (MS), S Joshi (MS), H Mason (MS), C O’Byrne (T), S Jain (C), Royal Free Hospital
16.42 Engaging with young people to improve research, services and workforce development: eye-YPAG and “visually” workshops – V Tailor (RO), LM Brady (RF), J Miller (N), L Bays (o), J Zane (o), G Nagel (o), H Baker (o), R Crosby-Nwaobi (RF), A Dahlmann-Noor ( C), Moorfields Eye Hospital
16.47 Unilateral lateral rectus resection as preferred procedure to treat patients with acquired distance esotropia – W Ghaffari (FD) ,N Mansoor-Ali (T), R Sadia (C), A Maino (C), Manchester Royal Eye Hospital
16.52 Simultaneous Development of Acute Acquired Concomitant Esotropia in Two Siblings during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Report – P Pujara (T), D Carter (O), K Bolton (C), R Nicholson (C), Portsmouth University Hospitals NHS Trust
16.57 Diagnostic performance of artificial intelligence for the detection of pathological myopia from colour fundus images: a systematic review and meta-analysis – N Tay (MS), J Prashar (MS), University College, London
17.02 Does the number of pre-operative assessments of strabismus patients influence the surgical outcome? – S McAuley (O), J Choi (C), I Zaman-Khan (MS), Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield
17.07 Diagnostic Monocular Occlusion in patients with binocular vision – W Ghaffari (FD), N Mansoor-Ali (T), A Budd (O), R Sadia (C), A Maino (C), Manchester Royal Eye Hospital
17.12 Using visual data and teleophthalmology in Paediatric Ophthalmology with an app-free, browser-based, visual data platform: ISLACARE – A Elhence (F), L Christou (R), R Dodeja (C), A Raj (C), J Gonzalez-Martin (C), DCM Yeo (C), Alder Hey Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool
17.17 Moderator’s closing remarks

17.20 Closing remarks

Miss Joanne Hancox, Moorfields Eye Hospital

18.30 Annual Dinner

House of Commons, Westminster

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