28th September 2022

08.00      Registration, tea, coffee and pastries at the exhibition and eposters

08.50      Welcome and housekeeping – Prof Cathy Williams, Bristol

09.00      Session I: Paediatric Free Papers

Moderated by Miss Arun Dev-Borman, Bristol

09.02      Feasibility and Clinical Utility of Hand-held Optical Coherence Tomography in Children with Retinoblastoma – Z Tu (L), M A Reddy (C), M S Sagoo (P), J Abbott (C), M Parulekar (C), I Gottlob (P), V Sheth (L), R Mclean (RF), M G Thomas (CL), F A Proudlock (SL), University of Leicester

09.15      Hand-held non-mydriatic fundus photography in children: is it feasible, it is reliable? -S Khan (T), S Mamtora (T), C Smith (MS), J Ferris (C), Cheltenham General Hospital

09.28      Multimodal characterisation of the infant response to retinopathy of prematurity screening using BIO and Optos – M D Buckle (T), A Hoskins (N), G Schmidt-Mellado (RA), K Pillay (RA), C Hartley (RA), C K Patel (C), R Slater (P), Oxford University

09.41      Outcomes of Penetrating keratoplasty in children under 8 years of age at a tertiary referral centre – ZC Ali (T), C Hopkinson(o), S Biswas (C), Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

09.54      Gene therapy treatment for children with RPE65-mediated retinal dystrophy: the Manchester experience – J Ashworth (C), G Black (C), S Biswas (C), G Hall (O), N Parry (O), J Gray (O), A Jalil (C), T Ivanova (C), Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

10.07      Outcomes of primary IOL implantation versus aphakia in cataract surgery in the under 2 age group: a local audit – R Rewbury (T), S Amarakoon (C), S Khan (T), A Churchill (C), Bristol Eye Hospital, University Hospitals Bristol, and Western NHS Foundation Trust

10.20    Round up by moderator

10.25 Session II: Paediatric Cataracts
Chaired by Miss Amanda Churchill, Bristol

10.30 The DIvO study – Coming to a maternity unit near you – Louise Allen, Cambridge

10.45 Should primary lens implantation be performed on 12-24 month old children with cataract? – Chris Lloyd, London

11.00 Secondary lens implantation with capsular support – the what, where and whether to implant  – Manoj Parulekar, Birmingham/Oxford

11.15 Intraocular lens implantation in the absence of capsular support – Johannes Keller, Bristol

11.30 Tea, coffee and biscuits at the trade exhibition and posters

12.00 Session III: Claud Worth Lecturer introduced by Prof Cathy Williams
Retinopathy of prematurity – the present and the future
Miss Gill Adams, London

13.00 Lunch at the trade exhibition and posters

14.00      Session IV: Genetics

                 Chaired by Miss Amanda Churchill, Bristol

14.00 Family video- our experience of having an inherited eye disease diagnosed in our children and the effect on us as a family, warts and all!

14.25  Video Consultations – what do families think of them? – Amanda Churchill, Bristol

14.40 Treatments for children with inherited eye disease – Mariya Moosajee, London

15.00      Session V: Rapid-fire free paper presentations

Moderated by Ms Saj Amarakoon, Bristol

15.05      A Retinal Sign aids the case to be solved – K Falzon (C), G Heath (C), Dr Kane (T), York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

15.12      Paediatric Circumpapillary Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer Development in Healthy Infants and Children Using Hand-Held Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography – Z Tu (L), S Shah (Op), V Sheth (L), S N Teli (RO), B S Edawaji (o), H Kuht (RO), M Hisaund (RO), A Patel (T), R McLean (RF), M G Thomas (CL), I Gottlob (P), F A Proudlock (SL), University of Leicester

15.19      Incidence of Exjade-related ocular toxicity in paediatric patients at a London District General Hospital – A Seyed-Safi, K Jafari (T), J Raina (C), North Middlesex University Hospital

15.26      Case series of consecutive paediatric keratoconus patients with and without corneal collagen cross-linking – L Lai (T), K Naderi (CRF),  Theodoraki (T), S Sansome (T),  Onrubia Garcia (F), A Jameel (CRF), J Lam (MS) D O’Brart (C),A Ritchie (C), St Thomas’ Hospital, London

15.33      Children with pseudoretinoblastoma diagnosed at London’s Retinoblastoma Unit:  a retrospective chart review – H Melville (T), D Yeo (C), S Joshi (MS), V Badhwar (T), M S Sagoo (C), M A Reddy (C), Barts Health NHS Trust

15.40      Outcome of goniotomy for aphakic paediatric glaucoma – Case series – S. Aulakh (F), A. Connor (C), Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle

15.47      Is it NF1? What an ophthalmologist needs to know about genetic diagnosis – N ElMeshad (CF), V Choleva (C), Bristol Eye Hospital

14.54      Round up by moderator

16.00 Tea, coffee and biscuits at the trade exhibition and posters

16.30      Session VI: Cerebral Visual Impairment

                 Chaired by Professor Cathy Williams, Bristol

16.30      Cerebral Visual Impairment: seeing things more clearly – Rachel Pilling, Bradford

16.50      CVI subtypes – from classroom and clinic – Cathy Williams, Bristol

17.10      How to treat CVI – Richard Bowman, London

17.30 Final remarks by Professor Cathy Williams, Bristol

17.45 Group Photo

18.00 BIPOSA Reception at the Roof Terrace, Bristol Marriott Hotel

19.30 Close and evening free

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