The Claud Worth medal is awarded every year for “a lifetime distinction in paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus”. It is usually preceded by the delivery of the eponymous lecture, The Claud Worth Lecture at the annual meeting of BIPOSA

 The recipients so far are :







2001 – Professor Creig Hoyt, University of California, San Francisco, USA

2002 – Professor Ray Buncic, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

2003 – Professor Scott Lambert, Emory Eye Centre, Atlanta Georgia, USA

2004 – Professor Michael O’Keeffe, RVEEH, Dublin, Eire

 2005 – Professor Tony Moore, Moorfields Eye Hospital, UK

2006 – Professor Brenda Gallie, University of Toronto, Canada

2007 – Professor Heléne Dolfus, Faculté de Medécine de Strasboug, France

2008 – Professor Edward Buckley, Duke University, North Carolina, USA

2009 – Dr Glen Cole, Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

2010 – Dr Christopher J Lyons, BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, Canada

2011 -  Professor Ed Wilson, Storm Eye Institute, South Carolina, USA

2012 -  Professor Alex Levine, Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, USA

2013 -  Professor Michael Repka, Wilmer Eye Institute, Baltimore, USA

2014 -  Mr John Elston, Oxford Eye Hospital, UK

2015 - Dr Carol Shields, Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, USA

2016 - Professor Sir Peng Khaw, Moorfields Eye Hospital, UK

2017 - Professor Elias Traboulsi, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA

2018 - Professor Chris Lloyd, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

2019 - Dr. Asim Ali, Toronto, Canada

2003 - Professor M Warburg (Lifetime distinction gold medal)

2004 – Professor Frank Billson (Lifetime distinction gold medal)

2005 – Dr Burt Kushner (Lifetime distinction gold medal)

2015 - Prof David Taylor (Lifetime distinction gold medal & Inaugural BIPOSA Fellow)

2018 - Prof Tony Moore - Honorary BIPOSA Fellowship Award


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