Edinburgh 2019

Wednesday 02nd


 Welcome and housekeeping

 Mr Alan Mulvihill, Edinburgh


09.05 Session I

 VEGF inhibitors in the treatment of ROP

 Chaired by Prof. Brian Fleck, Edinburgh

 09.05 Practicalities and follow-up with Bevacizumab

 Mr Ayad Shafiq, Newcastle

 09.25 Practicalities and follow-up with Ranibizumab

 Dr Jonathan Chan, Abu Dhabi

 09.45 The evidence from RAINBOW and other VEGF trials

 Prof. Brian Fleck, Edinburgh

 10.05 Discussion and Questions


10.15 Session II

 Paediatric free paper presentations (retina, ROP, paeds)


11.15 Tea and e-posters at the trade exhibition


11.45 Session III

 Claud Worth Lecturer introduced by Mr Alan Mulvihill

 Topic is surgical cornea - Prof. Asim Ali, California


12.45 Lunch and e-posters at the trade exhibition











13.45 Session IV

 Paediatric corneal disease

 Chaired by

 13.50 Glaucoma in anterior segment dysgenesis

 Mr Joe Abbott, Birmingham

 14.10 Cornea & anterior segment: Genetics and embryology

 Dr Anne Lampe Clinical Geneticist, Edinburgh

 14.30 Medical management of paediatric corneal problems

 Prof. Asim Ali, California

 14.50 Discussion and Questions


15.00 Session V

 Paediatric rapid-fire presentations


15.45 Tea and e-posters at the trade exhibition


16.15 Session VII

 Technology and innovation in paediatric ophthalmology

 Chaired by Dr Andrew Blaikie, NHS Fife


17.15 Questions and Discussion


17.30 Closing remarks followed by group photo


18.00 Reception


19.30 Close and Evening Free