Friday 6th October 2023


08.00 Registration with refreshments at the posters and trade exhibition

08.50 Welcome and housekeeping

Guy Whittle Auditorium
Mr Saurabh Jain, Royal Free Hospital

09.00 Session 1

Research Updates in Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (S) (P)
Moderators: Miss Lola Solebo, London and Miss Annegret Dahlmann-Noor, London

09.05   The British Childhood Vision Impairment Study (BCVIS 2): findings and implications for practice, policy, and research – Miss Lola Solebo, London & Prof Jugnoo Rahi, London

09.25   Current research in myopia treatment/prevention: Part 1 – Miss Annegret Dahlmann-Noor, London

09.35   Current research in myopia treatment/prevention- Part 2 – Prof Chris Hammond, London

09.40   Discussion

09.50 Session 2

Free papers (S) (P)
Moderators: Mr Manoj Parulekar, Birmingham/Oxford and Mr Rohit Jolly, London

09.51 Chiasmal Misrouting in Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome (INS): Phenotypes in Patients with Molecular Diagnoses – M J Gilhooley (T), M Moosajee (C), M M Neveu (SL), M Theodorou (C), Moorfields Eye Hospital
10.00 Recognition of Intracranial Hypertension in Children using Handheld Optical Coherence Tomography: The RIO Study – S R Rufai (T), R Bowman (C), M G Thomas (CL), R Purohit (O), C Bunce (o), V Panteli (C), I Gottlob (P), C K Patel (C), D J Dunaway (P), D Johnson (C), F A Proudlock (o), T Lawrence (C), N U O Jeelani (C), Great Ormond Street Hospital, London and Oxford Craniofacial Unit, Oxford
10.09 Primary Outcomes of Management of convergence excess esotropia at Moorfields Eye Hospital – D Elfadaly (T), A-M Hinds (C), Moorfields Eye Hospital
10.18 Virtual Strabismus Clinic: An Alternative Model of Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic – M Panahi (MS), D Mullinger (O), J Mistry (O), J Somner (C), A Vivian (C), Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
10.27 The efficacy of pre-operative multidisciplinary meetings for surgical management of strabismus – B Gohil (O), N Tan (C), R Jolly (C), N Yadav (CF), S Jain(C), Royal Free Hospital
10.36 Orthoptists in the Surgical First Assistant role – G Pullan (O), E Lynch (O), J Gonzalez-Martin (C), R Dodeja (C), A Raj (C), D Yeo (C), I Yip (C), Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

10.45 Refreshments at the posters and trade exhibition

Atrium, Max Rayne Foyer, Cavendish rooms and ENT room

11.15 Session 3

Complex paediatric cases (S) (P)
Moderators: Prof Jane Ashworth, Manchester and Mr Patrick Watts, Cardiff

11.15   Case 1 Prof Jane Ashworth, Manchester

11.30  Acquired Blepharophimosis and Subluxated Lenses – Mr Patrick Watts, Cardiff

11.45   Case 3 Dr Yi Ning Strube, Canada

12.00   Treating the unknown! – Dr Kamiar Miresekandari, Canada

12.15   BIPOSA 2024 – Northeast, Mr Lawrence Gnanaraj, Sunderland

12.25 Session 4

BIPOSA Research Awards & Training Grants – Prof Jugnoo Rahi, London

12.40 David Laws Travel Fellowship Awards

Mr Robert Taylor, President of BIPOSA

Fellowship 2022/23 Mr Andrew Malem

12.50 BIPOSA Annual General Meeting

BIPOSA members only (not BIOS)

13.00 Lunch at the posters and trade exhibition

Atrium, Max Rayne Foyer, Cavendish rooms and ENT room

14.15 Session 5

Complex Strabismus symposium (S)
Moderators: Miss Jo Hancox, London and Miss Ailsa Ritchie, London

14.15 Strabismus challenges in Thyroid Eye Disease –  Dr Jonathan M. Holmes, Tucson
14.30 Severe convergence insufficiency –  Rosario Gomez de Liaño, Madrid
14.45 A Lawyer’s problem – Dr Sonal Farzavandi, Singapore
15.00 Is early intervention a good idea in bilateral Duane syndrome? Mr John Somner, Cambridge

15.15 Session 6

I wish I hadn’t done that! (P) (S)
Moderated by Mr Saurabh Jain, London

Case 1: Whose outcome is it anyway? – Miss Gill Adams, London
Case 2: Anger is an energy – Mr John Stokes, Dublin
Case 3: The ups and downs of vertical strabismus surgery – Mr Ian Marsh, Aintree
Case 4 – The blue eyed boy – Mr Saurabh Jain, London

16.15 Annual Prizegiving

16.25 Closing remarks

Miss Joanne Hancox, Moorfields Eye Hospital & Mr Saurabh Jain, Royal Free Hospital

16.30 Farewell and end

Abstract closed

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