Submission Guidelines

Scientific Content

Submissions should be related to paediatric ophthalmology, strabismus, strabismus surgery and vision assessment. However those with a related interest may be considered

Presenting Author

The submitting / first named author is deemed to be the person who is responsible for the abstract and for registering to attend the meeting if the abstract has been accepted as either a free paper, rapid fire paper or paper poster

Institution Listing

The only acceptable listing is the principal institution where the research work was undertaken

Completing the Form Sections

All sections must be completed and a current email address must be provided

Scheme of Work

Abstracts should follow the schemes outlined below.  Do not include the headings in your abstract. Separate sections by paragraph spacing only.

For case series, studies and audits: introduction, methods, results, discussion, significance / conclusion

For interesting case reports: history, clinical findings, management, result / outcome, conclusion

Author Declarations

You are required to let us know about the interest that ANY of the authors may have in the research work undertaken and if the work has been presented or published elsewhere

Author listing

The only acceptable listing is in the following format outlined below.  The first author listed should be the principal author


A C Smith (C), B Smith (O), C A Smith (CF)

I.E. First name initial(s) followed by surname followed by your grade / job title in abbreviated form in brackets using the legend below


(C) = Consultant, (O) = Orthoptist, (T) = Trainee, (CF) = Clinical Fellow, (CL) = Clinical Lecturer, (CRF) = Clinical Research Fellow, (F) = Fellow,  (FD) = Foundation Doctor, (L) = Lecturer, (MS) = Medical Student, (N) = Nurse, (Op) = Optometrist, (P) = Professor, (RA) = Research Associate, (RF) = Research Fellow, (RO) = Research Orthoptist, (SAS) = Specialty Doctor, (SL) = Senior Lecturer, (o) = other


You will receive an automated email if your abstract has been successfully submitted to our server.  It is your responsibility to check that we have received your abstract submission. Confirmation or otherwise of acceptance of the abstract, and all associated documents will be sent to the email address you provide, so please include a valid and reliable email address

Paper Poster

If your abstract has been accepted as a paper poster we will send you more detailed information on the format and submission nearer the time.  The principal author is acknowledged to be the first named author  who must register to attend at least one day of the meeting.  There will be time scheduled in the programme for a verbal presentation of printed posters

Free Paper and Rapid Fire Free Paper Presentations

The submitting author (the first named author) is deemed to be the person responsible for the abstract and for presenting the work if accepted. You must register, pay the appropriate fee and present the paper. The exact timing / and format will be decided dependent on the number of submissions and programme time.  If accepted, your abstract may be allocated as either a free paper or as a rapid-fire paper


Only those abstracts accepted as a free paper will be considered for one of the four presentation prizes on offer: two for medics in training and two for early career orthoptists (5 years or less qualified) or early career non-medic researchers

There is one paper poster prize of £500 awarded to the best poster displayed at the meeting

In addition there will be a prize for the best strabismus paper presented awarded by the RSM’s Squint Forum. This is for an amount determined by the RSM and awarded on the condition that you attend their meeting and present your work there

Submission & Deadline

This year there are TWO forms. One for those wishing to give an oral presentation (free paper or rapid-fire free paper) and one for paper posters (there are no electronic posters). Please submit your abstract in ONE category only

Please do not submit for oral presentation if you have no intention of presenting a paper (either free paper or rapid-fire paper)

Abstract submission deadline is noon on Friday 28th April 2023

To support orthoptists with the cost of producing a paper poster, BIPOSA will give a grant of up to £50 to reimburse the cost of private printing a poster only on production of a receipt. We will not cover hopsital / university medical illustration or departmental printing costs (only private printing costs).

Producing a good poster

There is one paper poster prize of £500 awarded to the best poster displayed at the meeting

Please check out our guidelines on size, orientation and tips for producing a good paper poster

Producing a good free paper presentation

There are four free paper prizes of £500 each awarded to the best free papers presented at the meeting

Please check out our rules and guidelines for presenting a free paper

Producing a good rapid fire presentation

Please check out our rules and rapid fire guidelines for presenting a rapid fire free paper

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