Edinburgh 2019

Friday 04th

08.50 Welcome and housekeeping


09.00 Session XVI

 Restrictive strabismus disease

 Chaired by

09.05 Medical management of thyroid eye disease

 Dr Justin McKee, Consultant Medical Ophthalmologist, Oxford

09.25 Surgical management of motility problems in thyroid eye disease

 Mr. John Burke, Sheffield

09.45 New developments in orbital reconstruction

 Mr. Duncan Campbell, Oral Maxillofacial surgeon, Edinburgh

10.05 Motility restrictions after ocular surgery

 Miss Gill Adams, London

10.25 Discussion and Questions


10.30 Session XVII

 Free paper presentations - strabismus

 Chaired by



11.15 Coffee at the trade exhibition


11.45 Session XVIII

 Roger Trimble Lecturer

 Amblyopia – what's all the fuss about?

 Professor Anita Simmers, Glasgow


12.45 BIPOSA Research Awards


13.00 Lunch and e-posters at the trade exhibition








14.00 AGM members only


14.15 listserve – Mr Robert Taylor, York

14.20 Audit software - Mr Anthony Vivian, Cambridge


14.30 Session XVIX

 Rapid-fire presentations – strabismus / orthoptic



15.15 Session XX

 Strabismus innovations


16.30 Announcements & prize presentations


16.45 Farewell refreshments


17.00 Meeting Close