Manchester 2018

Friday 05th

08.50 Welcome and housekeeping – Miss Jane Ashworth, Manchester


09.00 Session XIV

Controversies in the management of Strabismus

 Chaired by Mrs Veronica Greenwood, Manchester

09.05 So what should we do about hypermetropia in children? – Prof Anna Horwood, Reading

09.20 Binocular treatment for amblyopia: cutting edge or hocus pocus - Dr David Newsham, Liverpool

09.35 Adult esotropia: chop or prop - Mr Robert Taylor, York

09.50 Seeing two - why can’t I drive? - Mr William Newman, Manchester


10.05 Session XV

 Free Paper presentations

 Chaired by Miss Anna Maino, Manchester

10.06 Clinical profile and treatment outcomes following laser monotherapy and combination therapy with bevacizumab in Paediatric Coats’ disease (PCD) – Mr Vinod Sharma, Manchester

10.15 Visual crowding in congenital nystagmus, sensory deficit or image motion? – Mr Vijay Tailor, London

10.24 Identifying consensus in the management of childhood non-infectious uveitis: A national modified Delphi survey - Dr Ameenat Lola Solebo, London

10.33 Predicting pseudophakic refractive outcomes for children aged under 2 years: Findings from IoLunder2 (UK and Ireland prospective observational cohort study) - Dr Ameenat Lola Solebo, London

10.42 Applying a child/young person-centred approach to develop Vision-related Quality of Life (VQoL) and Functional Vision (FV) instruments for children/young people – Dr Alexandra Robertson, London

10.51 Development of a new national registration system for childhood visual impairment in Scotland - Development of a new national registration system for childhood visual impairment in Scotland - Dr Andrew Blaikie, NHS Fife


11.00 Coffee at the trade exhibition


11.30 Session XVI – Roger Trimble Lecture

 Dr Michael Brodsky, USA

 “The Human Visuo-Vestibular System and its Role in Infantile Strabismus”


12.30 BIPOSA Research Awards – Introduced by Prof Jugnoo Rahi


12.45 Lunch at the trade exhibition


13.30 AGM (BIPOSA Members only) - Chaired by Mr Michael Clarke,  President






13.45 Session XVI

 Rapid Fire presentations

 Chaired by Miss Bhavini Gohil, London

13.46 The psychological effects of infantile nystagmus – Miss Kelly MacKenzie, London

13.50 Visual functioning in adults with Idiopathic Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome (IINS) – Miss Aditi Das, London

13.54 The impact of information and support for people with Nystagmus: A patient and carer questionnaire study – Miss Sarah Gummer, Southampton

13.58 Myopia increase in London - progression rate similar in children of different ethnic backgrounds and faster in girls – Miss Karen Wong, London

14.02 Outcomes using a novel algorithm to manage vertical diplopia in thyroid eye disease (TED) – Miss Joanna Jefferis, Sheffield

14.06 Potential Paediatric Neuro-ophthalmology Virtual Clinics – Miss Hoda Amin, Hull

14.10 Patient reported outcome measures for ocular alignment and movement defects - a systematic review – Ms Lauren Hepworth, Liverpool

14.14 The utilisation of fusional convergence amplitudes for acquired non-accommodative, non-adjustable esotropia surgery – Dr Anu Maudgil, Sheffield

14.18 Incidence and profile of strabismus in an acute stroke population – Prof Fiona Rowe,Liverpool

14.22 Risk of stroke following cranial nerve palsy – Miss Sonia MacDiarmid, Warrington

14.26 Evaluation of a low cost ophthalmoscope (Arclight) for red reflex assessment amongst health care workers in Malawi – Dr Andrew Blaikie, NHS Fife


14.30 Session XVII

New techniques in strabismus surgery

 Chaired by Mr Saurabh Jain, London

14.30 LR transposition for Third Nerve Palsy – Miss Stephanie West, Southampton

14.45 LA injections for small angle squint – Mr Ian Marsh, Aintree

15.00 Don’t miss MISS – Mr Daniel Mojon, Switzerland

15.15 Turning Japanese? – Mr Saurabh Jain, London

15.30 Myopic Strabismus: One size fits all? – Miss Jo Hancox, London


15.45 Session XVII

 Interesting Strabismus Videos

 Chaired by Mr Venkatarama Dwarampudi, Manchester


16.40 Announcements including Prize presentations


16.45 Farewell refreshments


17.00 Meeting Close


British & Irish Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Association