Eposter Guidelines

Submission Deadline

We require your e-poster at the very latest by noon on Monday 12th September 2022

Submission details

Transfer your PowerPoint slide using the free file transfer service by email to our executive secretary

Upload and Format

ONE slide in PowerPoint created using a 16:9 ratio (widescreen) NOT 4:3

Name your PowerPoint slide as your surname – e.g. smith

PowerPoint Slide Master Format

  1. Orientation = landscape
  2. Use 16:9 ratio (widescreen) NOT 4:3
  3. You may include video and / or audio on loops (please see below)


FontText should be 14-point size for optimal viewing (such as Calibri, Tahoma or Arial). Headings and titles should be between point sizes 12-18. Don’t use custom fonts.

 Imagesshould be scanned at the highest possible resolution for optimal viewing

Videocan be included – MAXIMUM running time of 60 secs. The video MUST be embedded into the slide and be set to run on a loop (there is no user control available)

Multimedia and Animationcan be included (e.g. animation on a chart or graph, scrolling text) which runs automatically on a loop – (there is no user control available)

Internet / online content internet or html links cannot be included

Audiocan be included but please make sure you make us aware that you require audio and set any audio to run automatically on a loop MAXIMUM time of 60 secs – (there is no user control available)

Good practice for producing an electronic poster

  1. The poster should one slide (landscape orientation)
  2. Each section should be brief and to the point
  3. For case series, studies and audits the sections should follow: introduction, methods, results, discussion, significance / conclusion
  4. For interesting case reports, sections should follow: history, clinical findings, management, result/outcome, conclusion
  5. Adopt the motto of Mies van der Rohe: “Less is more”
  6. No more than 6 bullet points per section
  7. Avoid wrapping the text, use of paragraphs – this isn’t an essay
  8. A lot of text on your poster detracts from your message
  9. Text: avoid all upper case even in titles
  10. Text should contrast with background
  11. Background should be plain – avoid borders
  12. Images scanned at highest resolution possible
  13. Use charts and graphs
  14. References – in readable text otherwise don’t include

    Changes or updates

    Once you have submitted your e-poster by the deadline, we cannot implement changes or replacements for e-posters


    You must have a ticket (be registered and paid the appropriate fee) to have your eposter displayed at the meeting

    Eposter listing

    There will be four eposter screens at the conference. There will be an opportunity to ask authors about their work. Please refer to the eposter listing for more information