The posters will be viewed on widescreen HD screens, so please bear this in mind when creating your poster.


Format – We are not accepting traditional hanging posters only e-posters. Please read the following information very carefully. We have detailed below the only acceptable format that your e-poster should be in. If it isn’t in this format it cannot be accepted as it will not display correctly and we are enforcing rigorous quality control at this meeting.


Only acceptable format – Your e-poster submission should be a one slide PowerPoint file in widescreen format


Naming your file – Save your file naming it with your abstract number followed by your surname


Deadline – We require your e-poster by the deadline of 12 noon on Friday 20th September 2019


Slide Master Format – When creating your slide, please create it in the widescreen format. This format is the default format for Microsoft Office 2013 and later versions. This is NOT the default setting for earlier versions therefore you will have to change your slide master BEFORE creating your PowerPoint slide.  You can download a template:  Eposter Template (pptx file) or earlier version of Eposter Template 97-2003 (ppt file)


Specification & Content -

Font – Text should be minimum Arial or Times New Roman 10-12 point size for optimal viewing.

Headings - and titles should be between point sizes 12-16

Images – should be the highest possible resolution for optimal viewing

Video – can be included. MAXIMUM time of 90 seconds.  The video must be embedded into the slide and set to run on a loop (there is no user control available)

Audio – can be included. Please make us aware that you require audio

Animation – and multimedia can be included. The animation (on a chart or scrolling text) must be set to run on a loop (there is no user control available)

Internet – internet or web hyperlinks cannot be included


Refer to our good practice guide for producing an electronic poster


Failure to submit your PowerPoint slide by 12 noon on Friday 20th September 2019 will mean that your e-poster will NOT be included at the meeting. We are providing viewing stations that have a programmed menu and our technicians require ample time to set all the stations. Once you have submitted your slide by the deadline it cannot be changed.


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