30th September 2022

08.00    Registration with tea, coffee and pastries at the exhibition and posters

08.50 Welcome and Housekeeping – Prof Cathy Williams, Bristol

09.00 Session XIII: Free Papers
Moderated by Miss Arun Dev-Borman, Bristol

09.02 Automated detection of plus disease in retinopathy of prematurity using deep learning – SK Wagner (T), Bart Liefers (RF), M Radia (T), G Zhang (RF), R Struyven (RF), L Faes (RF), J Than (T), S Balal (T), C Hennings (T), C Kilduff (T), P Pooprasert (FD), S Glinton (RF), M Arunakirinathan (F), J Ravelo (N), A Hinds (C), R Henderson (C), H Patel (C), S Ostmo (RF), JP Campbell (C) , N Pontikos (SL), P Patel (C), S Husain (C), PA Keane (C), G Adams (C), K Balaskas (C), Moorfields Eye Hospital

09.15 Methadone and Opiate Exposed Infants: What are we not seeing? – J R MacKinnon (C), M Quinn (FD), E Day (O) – Raigmore Hospital, Inverness

09.28 Initiation of an Orthoptic-led emergency eye care service within Eye Casualty for paediatric patients attending a tertiary referral centre -R Bukhari (O), J William (C), R Lee (C), H Simpson (O), UHCW NHS TRUST

09.41 A Simplified Framework for Recording and Collecting Data on All Forms of Strabismus Surgery – S Dosanjh (MS), A Kennedy (CF), F Lengwiler (CF), S Rashid (O), N Tan (C), R Jolly (C), S Jain (C), Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

09.54 TINU in the COVID era – R Dodeja (CF), S Syed (T), S Pockar (C ), V Sharma ( C), J Ashworth (C), Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

10.07 Round up by moderator

10.10 Session XIV: Ptosis
Chaired by Mr Richard Harrad, Bristol

10.15 Non-simple congenital ptosis – Richard Harrad, Bristol

10.40 Genetics of Congenital Ptosis – Elizabeth Engle, Boston

11.05 Lifting the lid on Congenital Ptosis Surgery – Raman Malhotra, Consultant Oculoplastic Surgeon, East Grinstead

11.30 Tea, coffee and biscuits at the trade exhibition and posters

12.00 Session XV: Rapid-fire free paper presentations
Moderated by Miss Vivi Choleva, Cyprus

12.02 Thyroid Eye Disease in Children – S Goyal (FD), D Rathod (C), D Morris (C), A Haridas (C), P Watts (C), Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

12.09 Disappearance of the skin crease on forced duction test as a peroperative sign of successful lower eyelid retractors recession – H Tagelden (CF), B Sim (CF), R Harrad (C), Bristol Eye Hospital, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston Foundation Trust

12.16 Assessing the ability of paediatric contrast sensitivity tests to detect changes – A O’Connor (L), P Amores Morillo (o), A Milling (L), University of Liverpool

12.23 A Systematic Review of Clinical Practice Guidelines for Strabismus – D Newsham (SL), C Murray (L), University of Liverpool

12.30 What do patients report after strabismus surgery undertaken for psychosocial reasons? – GE Arblaster (L), D Buckley (SL), H Davis (P), S Barnes (SL). University of Sheffield

12.37 Investigating the outcomes of adult strabismus surgery undertaken for psychosocial reasons -GE Arblaster (L), H Davis (P), D Buckley (SL), S Barnes (SL), University of Sheffield

12.44 Effect of Bimedial Recession on Near Distance Disparity in Esotropia – A Kennedy (CF), F Lengwiler (CF), S Dosanjh (MS), R Jolly (C) S Jain (C), Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, London

12.51 Round up by moderator

13.00 Lunch at the trade exhibition and posters

13.55 BIPOSA AGM members only – Mr Bob Taylor, York

14.05 BIPOSA research awards update by Professor Anna Horwood, Reading

14.10 Research Award winner (2019) – Dr Elspeth Green, Manchester: Medication compliance in the paediatric uveitis population reported by the patients and parents

14.15 Session XVI: Cases: wish I had known / not known that!
Moderated by Mr Richard Harrad, Bristol

14.15      Adventure in torsion – Gill Adams, London

14.30      Double Duanes Dilemma – Tony Vivian, Cambridge

14.45      The yo yo patient – Saurabh Jain, London

15.00      Thyroid – again -Bob Taylor, York

15.15      Case five – Catherine Marsh, Bournemouth

15.30 Session XVII: COVID – What have we learned (interactive session)
Chaired by Prof Anna Horwood, Reading & Ms Veronica Greenwood, Manchester

15.30 Ms Kelly Mackenzie, London
15.50 Dr Catherine Stewart, Hertfordshire
16.10 Dr Anna O’Connor, Liverpool

16.30 Final remarks by Professor Cathy Williams, Bristol

Farewell. See you in London in October 2023

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