Guidelines - please READ

Please read the guidelines on abstract submission before submitting your abstract


Answer all of the questions and provide a valid email address


Make sure you complete author list as specified below


You will receive an email if your submission is successful with a copy of your abstract submission

Authors must be listed using the following format only

A C Smith (C), B Smith (O), C A Smith (CF)

I.E. initials followed by Surname followed by your grade / job title from the list below


Legend: (C) = Consultant, (O) = Orthoptist, (T) = Trainee, (CF) = Clinical Fellow, (CL) = Clinical Lecturer, (CRF) = Clinical Research Fellow, (F) = Fellow,  (FD) = Foundation Doctor, (L) = Lecturer, (MS) = Medical Student, (N) = Nurse, (Op) = Optometrist, (P) = Professor, (RA) = Research Associate, (RF) = Research Fellow, (RO) = Research Orthoptist, (SAS) = Specialty Doctor, (SL) = Senior Lecturer, (o) = other

Once you have read the guidelines, please submit your abstract here (please note this will take you to a different site so ensure you have pop ups enabled)